Custom Software as a Service


Read on to learn what we do and how we do it!

What It Is

It may seem like a gimmick, but DCA really does offer custom software development at no cost. Once implemented, we’ll charge a scalable monthly fee for hosting, maintenance and support. We earn our revenue when you use the system we developed for you. Yes, we do require an upfront deposit in case you walk away from the project, but the deposit amount is only a small part of the total development cost for any project, and the entire deposit amount is completely refundable against future hosting fees. Once your custom system is implemented, DCA will host, maintain and support it in the cloud.

  • YES! Custom Software Development We’ll create the specific software system YOU need to run YOUR business YOUR way!
  • YES! Hosted and Supported We host, maintain and support what we develop. No hassles or headaches for you!
  • YES! Scalable Monthly Fee Our Hosting fees scale up and down as your business changes!
  • YES! Awesome Customer Service Prompt, attentive, personal service from English-speaking, US-based I/T professionals!
  • NO! Implementation Fee We will create your custom software absolutely free of charge!
  • NO! Monthly Minimum Our fees scale up and down with your business!
  • NO! Long Term Contract You’re not locked in, you can cancel any time!
  • NO! BS We mean what we say, and we do what we say!

How It Works

Initially, DCA will work with you to review and understand your needs. Once those needs are defined, we will prepare a simple, non-binding proposal for your review. The proposal will include a high-level functional overview of the software to be developed as well as all the financial details. If the proposal is acceptable to you we will finalize and forward a Service Agreement ready for your signature. Then we’ll get right to work creating the software you need!

After the new system is implemented, we’ll bill you on a monthly basis based on an agreed upon set of fees and business metrics. The monthly fees will cover the cost of hosting, operating, maintaining and supporting your system. And any up-front deposit amount will be credited against your monthly billings over the first year or so of service, depending on our agreed arrangement.

How We Do It

Once the paperwork is completed, DCA will move quickly into development mode. We use a modified Agile approach for our development projects, coupled with crisp, professional project management. We will assign a Project Manager and assemble a development team whose first responsibility will be to slice the project into measurable pieces of functionality, and further divide those pieces into development tasks which we can track in detail. This approach helps us project the anticipated project completion date as well as the interim functionality pieces along the way. Things change, of course, but we will monitor and adjust the timeline as the project moves forward.

We will expect you to appoint a project coordinator to work with us. DCA will conduct twice-weekly conference calls with our Project Manager and your Project Coordinator, and any other needed parties, to discuss the project, answer questions, define business rules, gather information and review project timelines. As the project moves forward we will begin preparing the operational environment and planning for any needed transition to the new system.

Once the system is up and running, DCA will provide appropriate training, and host, maintain and support the system. We’ll also be available to promptly enhance or modify the system. Depending on the scope, future enhancements or modifications might be subject to additional cost.

It’s also good to note what DCA does not do. We do not spend months developing detailed specifications and massive volumes of documentation. We will start with a high-level functional overview and then drill down into the details with you as we move through the development process. This approach massively reduces the time and cost of developing custom software. Generally, we’ll include whatever is needed to fulfill the functional overview in whatever fashion works best for you. We’ll watch to make sure we stay within the general size and scope of the intended project, but will not nit-pick what we will and won’t do under the terms of our agreement. We think you’ll be quite pleased with what we do and how we do it!