Billing & Operational Support Systems

Since its founding more than 30 years ago DCA has been providing the Telecom industry with the most flexible and functional solutions available, at an affordable cost. DCA recognizes that each client's operation is different, so rather than force a client to fit into a predefined off-the-shelf system, DCA tailors its existing integrated solution to fit our client's business rules and operations. DCA's systems are low cost and easy to use. There is never any implementation fee, no monthly minimum, and no long term contract. The combination of DCA's powerful and easy-to-use systems, aggressive pricing and client-friendly business terms combine to provide an unprecedented value proposition for our clients.

We Do Things Differently

DCA’s approach is unique in the industy. We recognize that each client’s operation is different, so rather than force you to fit into a predefined, off-the-shelf system, we tailor our existing integrated solution to fit your business rules and operations. Our business model is just as unique, with no implementation fee, no long-term contracts, scalable pricing and no monthly minimum.

  • Immediate Impact

    DCA’s system helps you quickly reduce costs and improve your bottom line. Our system also provides powerful tools to manage revenue assurance and margin analysis, protecting your bottom line.

  • Single Integrated System

    With DCA’s integrated system, you can manage the most important parts of your business in one place at any time including Customer Care, Reporting, Tracking, Billing and Invoicing and much more.

  • Customization Experts

    We understand that your business is unique. So, along with the broad functionality of DCA’s system, we also create customized processes and applications specific to your needs.

  • Cloud Based

    Constant and secure access lets you manage your data and business from anywhere, anytime. Our Data Center gives you the redundancy, security, and availability that you need to stay ahead.

  • YES! Customized Billing We’ll bill YOUR customers the way YOU want them to be billed. Products, rate plans, discounts, whatever YOU need the way YOU need it!
  • YES! Revenue Assurance We’ll help you find the revenue leakage that should be going straight to your bottom line!
  • YES! Margin Analysis Understand which products and services are making money and which ones are not!
  • YES! Automated Back Office Make things easier and simpler with automated workflows and interfaces!
  • NO! Implementation Fee We will create your custom billing system absolutely free of charge!
  • NO! Monthly Minimum No monthly minimums, our fees scale up and down with your business!
  • NO! Long Term Contract You’re not locked in, you can cancel any time!
  • NO! BS We mean what we say, and we do what we say!