DCA Retrieves Customer Base Held Hostage

A customer base acquisition-in-progress was suddenly disrupted by the bankruptcy of the seller.  The transaction had just closed, and the buyer was working on the transition when an unexpected bankruptcy was filed.  The chaos created by departing employees, emptying desks and shut-off phone lines stopped the transition process.  Unpaid vendors unwilling to release the customer base data put the buyer’s entire investment in jeopardy.

With assurances from the buyer, and legal advice from its own counsel, DCA  attacked the hostile environment and retrieved all the customer data just minutes before the third-party vendor systems were shut down.  DCA was able to immediately import the data into its own flexible systems and minimize the attrition of the customer base and the financial loss to the buyer.

The buyer’s investment was retrieved and protected, suffering only a minimal impact on the projected financial performance of the acquisition.  The customer’s acquisition was later confirmed by the bankruptcy court and the claims of the third-party vendor against the buyer dismissed.


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DCA attended WispaPalooza this month in Las Vegas, and it was incredible!  The evolution and growth of the Wireless Internet Service industry has been remarkable to say the least.  It was great to see some of the latest technology, distributors, and ISPs from around the country showcasing their products. If you are a WISP and would like to talk with DCA Services for your Billing and Operations Software, we can help!