DCA Makes Customer Base Transition Easy and Transparent

DCA Makes Customer Base Transition Easy and Transparent

Newly acquired customer base is moved to new systems invisibly



After acquiring a new customer base from a distressed competitor, the purchaser needed to move the base to new systems but wanted to minimize the disruption and attrition usually associated with such transitions. Typically such a transition may cause the loss of 5% to 30% of the customer base, depending on the situation. With no alternative but to move the base to new systems, the purchaser was keenly interested in strategies that would minimize that loss in revenue and asset value.


Due to its ability to heavily customize its billing and back office systems, DCA was able to modify its software and services to mirror the systems previously in use. This chameleon-like adaptation of DCA’s systems provided subscribers with an identical billing and customer care experience making the transition invisible.


Empowered by DCA’s scalable outsourced back office services, the company was able to transition the customer base to new systems with essentially zero attrition.