DCA Services Enables Start-up’s Quick Launch

DCA Services Enables Start-up’s Quick Launch Situation: A well-funded telecom start-up with a short window of opportunity and tight revenue deadlines wanted to get to market quickly, without the hassles of creating an entire back office operation to support its sales all with customized service. Although projected to launch with services later in 2017, they[…]

DCA Retrieves Customer Base Held Hostage

A customer base acquisition-in-progress was suddenly disrupted by the bankruptcy of the seller.  The transaction had just closed, and the buyer was working on the transition when an unexpected bankruptcy was filed.  The chaos created by departing employees, emptying desks and shut-off phone lines stopped the transition process.  Unpaid vendors unwilling to release the customer base data[…]

Multi-Language, Multi-Currency Support for International Expansion

A telecom reseller developed a business plan calling for aggressive international growth, but had no in-house capability to support multi-language or non-US Dollar currency invoicing.  Wanting to focus all its resources and investment on sales, the company turned to DCA to provide the multi-language, multi-currency billing support it needed. After identifying the target populations, and[…]

DCA Helps VoIP Provider Manage Rapid Growth

Due to the business failure of a large VoIP company, a DCA customer had an opportunity for rapid growth. Fast growth is always a huge challenge, but in this case the window of opportunity was exceptionally short, measured in days instead of weeks or months.  Surrounded by other competitors equally interested in grabbing new subscribers,[…]

Learn What 30 Years of Experience Can Do For Your Business.

DCA’s approach is unique in the industry. We recognize that each client’s operation is different. Rather than force you to fit into a predefined, off-the-shelf system, we tailor our existing integrated solution to fit your business rules and operations. Our business model is just as unique, with no implementation fee, no long-term contracts, scalable pricing[…]